BBC Sport

Delivering flexible travel plans to help the show go on

Travel for BBC Sport can include anything from organising an awards show attended by talent from all over the globe, to planning last minute shoots in Europe where time and budget are paramount.

Production co-ordinator Emma Thompson explains how having an expert travel partnership to rely on makes navigating complicated schedules so much easier.

BBC Sport and Ventur

“This sort of expert consultancy is invaluable”

“Whether we’re working on big productions like Sports Personality of the Year months in advance or planning shoots at the eleventh hour which simply need to get done, the team at Ventur thoroughly understand the nature of the game.

They know what needs to be sorted early on – like booking group flights to Aberdeen for SPOTY 2019 so we could secure the seats at a lower fee – but are always around to support with last minute changes too. This sort of expert consultancy is invaluable, especially as productions go live and I’m living and breathing them; I’d never have the time to keep up with ever-changing travel arrangements but I can pick up the phone to Ventur and leave it in their capable hands.

Emma Thompson, Production Co-ordinator

“They’re absolutely my go-to for booking flights as they have a thorough understanding of what’s required in the production industry”

As an approved supplier to the BBC, we know that Ventur ticks all the boxes for us in terms of travel management, but our relationship goes beyond that. They’re absolutely my go-to for booking flights as they have a thorough understanding of what’s required in the production industry.

Things will always change – whether it’s dates, personnel, flights or locations, but it never phases them and they’re always ready to offer appropriate solutions. We save so much time simply knowing that they’re on the case speaking to airlines or researching alternative routes. We’ve had occasions where we’ve needed to carefully transport valuable items, elderly passengers have needed extra support or we’ve wanted to understand if an assistance dog could travel; through their network of contacts, they’re able to find the answers much quicker than we ever would.

The group portal technology is also so helpful to our line of work as different production teams will often work with the same talent. So for Ventur to have their key information – everything from passport details through to whether they usually tend to request an aisle seat – to hand, saves us going back and forth.  They’ll often highlight these quirks before we even do which truly demonstrates the fantastic relationship we’ve built up since first partnering together in 2009.

Knowing that I can make a quick phone call or send an email to Eric and his team is often a huge relief. Plus, they pick up on elements that an online tool never could, that human interaction has solved many a travel quandary for us in the past!

Overall, this partnership just makes our travel feel effortless. Schedules can change at the drop of a hat, personal requirements might need to be adhered to and in our world, the show must go on. Regardless of any situations which arise - for us, Ventur makes sure that it does.”

Ventur's Client Services Director - Sports and Groups, Eric Edwards says...

“Partnering with BBC Sport on big productions like Sports Personality of the Year is a thrill for our team – it’s a fantastic sense of achievement working on something for months, right up until the last minute to then settle down and watch the end result on TV. We’re driven by detail and really getting under the skin of our travel partners’ businesses, always striving to go above and beyond. So when it comes to supporting their group travel needs, we’re able to consult to the highest level, regardless of the complexity of the plans.”