Going above and beyond in a global crisis

For many companies that rely on frequent travel, unexpected forks in the road can be unbelievably inconvenient, even catastrophic for business. We at Ventur have to stay on top of potential travel issues at all times, often relying on our expert knowledge and speed of thought to stay on top of developing situations. Samantha Dalton, service planner at CarnaudMetalbox Engineering, found that having a travel management company on board really helped them navigate the coronavirus pandemic safely.

“We stopped travelling when lockdown was announced”

“Like many other businesses, we temporarily stopped travelling when lockdown was initially announced as the majority of borders were closed, but being that we specialise in the installation and commissioning of machinery, it was really important that we were able to continue travelling safely once essential travel was given the go-ahead. We’ve partnered with Ventur for 15 years already, but we were still blown away by their service during that time.

Samantha Dalton, service planner

“We really valued being able to rely on the team to keep us informed”

With 20 service engineers out and about again, the restrictions and quarantine measures were a minefield to follow. Thankfully, the team at Ventur were always on hand to help guide us through, advising on the best routes to take, airline advice and support with visa requirements. The official guidelines were changing daily so we really valued being able to rely on the team to keep us informed and help us get to where we needed to be.

We have always had a great relationship with Ventur, they completely understand our needs and act as an extension of our team. It’s much more efficient for us as a business to know that any cancelled flights, changes or refunds are being managed by them, and as well as managing our travel arrangements, they tend to niche requirements too, such as ensuring extra baggage (e.g. our engineers’ toolboxes) are dealt with at the booking stage where possible, allowing for a seamless journey.

We’re firm believers in letting the experts get on with their job so that we can do ours.”

Ventur's Client Services Director, Maggie Monteith says...

“We’re incredibly proud of our partnership with CarnaudMetalbox Engineering and pleased to hear that they appreciated our support as they continued travelling throughout lockdown. With almost daily changes to travel restrictions, flight schedules and quarantine measures, the team there really took on board our advice and it became a true partnership as we navigated the uncertainty together.”