Greenvale AP

Lightening the load with exceptional service

Back in 2014, Produce Investments Ltd - parent company to Greenvale AP, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh potatoes – needed our help. With the commercial team frequently visiting retail clients, as well as making regular site visits all over the UK, and travelling to Jersey and Holland several times a year, Kirsty Dryden, personal assistant to the CEO, barely had time to fulfil her other duties… 

“Our travel processes weren’t running efficiently”

“We were already working with a travel management company prior to bringing Maggie and her team on board, but I was finding that I was still doing the majority of the booking. It was far too time consuming on top of my other day to day work.

But from our first meeting with Maggie, I could see we were going to get along and that she and her team understood our requirements.

Kirsty Dryden, personal assistant to the CEO

“Ventur have truly invested in our business”

We didn’t just need a tool to book travel with, we needed people invested in our business - to help us change processes, to save money, and to become more efficient.

Having been partnered with Ventur for six years, we now have an incredibly robust travel policy. They have the influence and network to negotiate great rates for us, and with the monthly reports they provide - comprising valuable information and analytical data - we have fantastic insights we’d never had access to before. 

Also, for me personally, that partnership has been a lifeline - I no longer have to book everyone’s travel, and if someone’s journey is affected at 10pm with delays and cancellations, I know that Ventur’s out-of-hours team have the know-how to help and get it sorted. They’ve been our saviours!”

Ventur's Client Services Director, Maggie Monteith says...

“We really value our solid relationship with Produce Investments and how it has flourished over the years thanks to close contact with Kirsty and her team.  We understand where they are going as a business and thanks to the insight and travel management that we provide, we are able to play a valuable part in getting them there.”