ICR Integrity

Transforming travel through insight and consultancy

For ICR Integrity - a maintenance and solution provider for the power, offshore oil and gas, chemical, nuclear and defence industries - efficient travel is integral to the business to help meet client demands. Amanda Duguid, planning and facilities coordinator, feels that having increased access to travel insights, expert knowledge and a hands-on relationship have contributed to the company’s development.

“We’d never had any sort of insight into our travel”

“Prior to partnering with Ventur, we’d worked with other travel management companies, but we’d never had any sort of insight into our travel, whether that was related to cost or simply efficiency. It’s the account management we now receive which makes the world of difference. Maggie is always in regular correspondence with us, and our monthly catch ups have proven invaluable when it comes to analysing our travel requirements.

“Partnering with Ventur has been a breath of fresh air”

It’s easy to see that the team is very knowledgeable, and they’re always quick to respond to urgent enquiries which is incredibly important to us. Due to the nature of our work, we often need to book or amend plans quickly to send a technician out to a client site, and having Ventur as an extension of our team to support us with this is essential. A big part of our travel spend also includes booking domestic journeys and hotels, for which we use the online self-booking tool which members of our team have been trained in - it’s been a huge time and cost saver and is so simple to use.

We receive regular reports so we understand if and where savings can be made, or simply with advice on how to get the most out of travel. The team has set up various rewards programs for us too, meaning we now reap the benefits of our travel, and it’s this level of service that demonstrates to us that Ventur truly has our best interests in mind.”

Ventur's Client Services Director, Maggie Monteith says...

“Our partnership with ICR Integrity works brilliantly as Amanda and her colleagues truly allow us to feel part of the team; having that insight into the business and future plans means we can support accordingly from a travel perspective.”