Do you have an online booking tool?

Yes, when you join Ventur, we’ll assign you a booking tool that best suits your needs. Plus our expert consultants will always be on hand for those more complex trips.

Can I make bookings over the phone or email?

Yes, we have an expert team of consultants here at Ventur who pride themselves on getting your requests just right. Get in touch to find out more.

Can I speak to a real human?

Of course you can! Offering that extra special service is what we do which means our expert consultants are essential.

Do you offer marine and offshore fares?

Yes, we offer marine and offshore fares across the majority of airlines.

Do you offer charitable fares?

No, however we are still able to offer very competitive wholesale pricing for all major airlines.

Do you provide travel for sports teams?

Yes, we’re specialists in sports travel and have worked on behalf of some of the best teams and sports people in the world. Our service is entirely tailored to your needs, making things as simple as possible. We also have an exclusive Team Manager portal which makes managing multiple team trips a breeze. Get in touch to chat to us about how we can help.

Can you arrange group travel?

Yes, we have a specialist team who arrange group travel and as we offer a completely bespoke service, we can arrange all types of group travel from film crews to oil rig crews or events management.

Can you save us money on travel?

Yes – we create recommendations to improve your travel program and ultimate bring you valuable savings. However, the key way in which we help save costs is through time; as experts, we take the hassle away from your internal teams, allowing them to focus on what they do best.