Celebrate being Free Again

It's time to roam free and connect with others

We know from speaking to our travel partners just how long awaited this is. It’s become clear not everything can be done via a screen.
19th July 2021
We wanted to capture this imminent sense of freedom we’ve all felt in the lead up to today.

Today, on England’s official Freedom Day, we’re elated to be inviting you to celebrate with us with our campaign, Free Again.

Freedom Day marks an end to pandemic-related restrictions in England (with other devolved nations to follow shortly), following 16 months of the world being grounded leading to missed memories, lack of in-person connections, lost business and more.

A dolphin splashing free from a billboard, Free Again emphasises the innate need for living creatures to roam freely and connect with others. We’re taking a stand; it’s time for us to return to our natural instinct as humans and celebrate what it means to be Free Again.


To us, it embodies everything we’ve been yearning for; it’s like we’re being released back into the wild. In collaboration with our creative agency partner StormBrands, we wanted to capture this imminent sense of freedom we’ve all felt in the lead up to today.

This last year has taught us that it’s human instinct to feel free; to travel and connect with others, whether that’s seeing loved ones, daily interactions we took for granted or planning business trips and holidays.

Tony Coppin, executive creative director at StormBrands, comments: “After a year of lockdowns, the one thing we can all relate to is the need to feel and be free. The campaign was built to address the human and animal instinct of the business community who have been waiting, restlessly wondering how, when and if they’ll be allowed to travel once again. We wanted to create something bold which celebrated the instinctive joy of travel and freedom.”


It’s time to celebrate that intrinsic joy again and we’d love for you to join us. Simply head to our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages and share our Free Again posts to join the celebration in being connected in person once more.


Freedom Day marks a step in the right direction as restrictions are lifted enabling more of us to meet, explore and connect in person, but we know travel isn’t going to be the same for a little while. However, as of 4am this morning double vaccinated UK travellers can now return to England, Scotland and Wales without the need to quarantine, offering them the same freedom as the green list.

We know from speaking to our travel partners just how long awaited this is. It’s become clear not everything can be done via a screen; our research found that 45% of senior businesspeople in the UK have attributed a loss in profits and revenue directly to the lack of business travel in the last year, while the demand for holidays speaks for itself.

We’re delighted to have the support of our industry partners in this campaign, demonstrating just how vital this sense of freedom is. Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO of Advantage Travel Partnership, says: “Now that the long-awaited ‘Freedom Day’ is here, it does of course feel like things are moving in the right direction for travellers, our Advantage travel agent members and the wider travel industry. While there is a still a long way to go until travel can fully recover, we hope that the Free Again campaign helps to inspire travellers to harness their re-established freedom to plan and book future travel, to once again experience all the feeling of freedom that travel brings.”

And Abby Penston, CEO of Focus Travel Partnership, adds: “Removing the travel restrictions and additional health testing requirements in a sustainable way frees up safe and responsible business travel. We know there is a huge amount of pent-up demand for face-to-face meetings, with many saying that they feel that travel will be as or more important to their businesses in the future. This is a great campaign that highlights how important travel is to both our work and wellbeing.”

While things may not be fully back to normal, let’s celebrate the steps we’re taking to get there and embrace the feeling of being Free Again.