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The podcast that brings you compelling insights from inspirational people in the world of travel and far beyond.

The podcast

Discover stories of growth, resilience and curiosity as our guests chat to entrepreneur, author and Ventur’s board advisor Peter Wilcock about their lives, learnings and more. Plus, we’ll be taking on those hot topics we’re facing in today’s world.

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Our Host

Peter Wilcock, whose book Camel in the Tent delves into the challenges people face to achieve their dreams, is a fantastic character who is hugely curious about how the mind works to either power us or hinder us. In the past Peter has interviewed the likes of Jordan Belfort, Sharon Lechter, Brian Tracy and Les Brown. He is also a successful business leader and board adviser to Ventur.

Ventur Podcast

Season 1

Season 1 EPISODE 20


Charismatic personal tennis coach to Richard Branson, James shares some stories from his trips to Necker Island - a tough gig but somebody has to do it! What does it take to coach one of the most famous people on the planet, what qualities does he see up close with Richard, and how did his journey from Ireland end up in Necker?

Season 1 EPISODE 19


Dawn Maria’s fierce loyalty and independence shine through as she defies the doubters by achieving her dream of becoming a journalist and travelling the world. An insightful conversation filled with examples of how being different can become an asset in life with the right mindset and outlook.

Season 1 EPISODE 18


No-one would expect a conversation with the CEO of a council would contain such a fascinating array of subjects. From the mysteries of just who decides where roundabouts are built and Tom's choice between fish and chips or a Parmo, to his ethos to life as a CEO - this is a hugely entertaining chat not to be missed.

Season 1 EPISODE 17


The esteemed international corporate lawyer, board executive and Chair of Leeds Tykes talks of his love for all things Yorkshire and in particular Leeds. We delve into a variety of subjects including whether Bruce Springsteen runs a better team than most rugby captains...

Season 1 EPISODE 16


An inspiring chat with Sharon, co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, advisor to Obama and Bush on financial literacy, international speaker, mentor and founder of the "Play Big" movement. We learn the principles of being empowered, of being the CEO of yourself and the reason an abundance mindset is a necessity to being the absolute best you can be.

Season 1 EPISODE 15


Most of us have gazed at the super yachts in Monaco as the F1 cars speed past. But who are the people on board who sail these amazing machines? Master of the super yacht White Rose of Drachs Andrew gives us insight into life on board and what it takes to lead the team when the yacht becomes a luxury floating hotel.

Season 1 EPISODE 14


As CEO of The Advantage Travel Partnership and a lead lobbyist for the travel sector, Julia explains how she has carried the flag for government support over the past 18 months. How will business and leisure travel recover, and is there cause for optimism for the future of travel?

Season 1 EPISODE 13

Tracey Smolinski

Tracey gives us a master class in networking, the dos and don’ts of making connections which can transform your business and career. We hear how it feels to visit Necker Island where Tracey ticks meeting Richard Branson off her bucket list. But given a choice does she choose Elvis or Sir Richard as her ideal date?

Season 1 EPISODE 12

Jamie Baulch

Jamie reveals just what it takes to set world records and win Olympic gold medals. We also delve into the fascinating backstory of Jamie’s life, culminating in the incredible story of meeting his biological mother for the first time at the age of 42. An inspiring conversation that will make you laugh and cry.

Season 1 EPISODE 11

Anil Gupta

A much-needed dose of motivation and inspiration from the renowned personal life coach. How do we rise above the worry and fear especially during COVID, and a formula for happiness involving three Gs. After this episode the worries of the day will fast disappear.

Season 1 EPISODE 10

Tim Henman OBE

Tim explains the power of having mentors around, even in individual sports, giving Peter the perfect opportunity to recruit Tim as his new tennis coach! Plus, no one could guess the answer to who he would choose to play for one final match at Wimbledon…

Image credit: David Wilmot

Season 1 EPISODE 9

Steve Birch

Discussing the “new normal” as leader of Sky Betting and Gaming, Steve Birch, reflects on the lessons learnt from the impact of COVID, shares thoughts on how the future looks for gambling and gives some sound advice for people searching for their dream job.

Season 1 EPISODE 8

Jamie Jones-Buchanan

The Leeds Rhinos legend articulates his way through a host of subjects from teamwork through to his religious beliefs and values. This fascinating conversation ebbs and flows, ending in Jamie revealing his intriguing choice of desert island friends.

Season 1 EPISODE 7

Jasmine Harrison

The youngest female to row the Atlantic solo, Jasmine Harrison, shares her experience of being all alone for 70 days at sea. Jasmine’s single-minded determination and courage is inspirational as she describes how a desire to do something “cool” becomes a reality and offers some sound advice on how to deal with the doubters in order to fulfil your dreams.

Season 1 EPISODE 6

Joe Henderson MBE

Joe explains the real ingredients that built a £100m business, how young people with no experience might be the best hires and offers some words of wisdom on culture. He also reveals the number one secret to finding a vocation, not a job.

Season 1 EPISODE 5

Brian Tracy

The grandfather of personal development joins us for an enlightening chat. For more than three decades, Brian Tracy has encouraged millions of people to set goals and achieve success through his best-selling books and development programs. Brian shares how a high school dropout became one of the most influential personal development speakers in the world.

Season 1 EPISODE 4


Arriving on these shores from Jamaica as a callow 19-year-old with no winter boots, to being honoured by the queen. Neslyn shares her fascinating story and how she used her faith, determination, and wonderful character to overcome all the odds, despite the prejudice imposed upon her.

Season 1 EPISODE 3

Anthony Gruppo

An insightful conversation on leadership and culture with Anthony Gruppo, CEO of Marsh Commercial. Anthony shares his thoughts on business life post COVID, how to always keep growing as a person and some wise words which inspired him from “The Welder”.

Season 1 EPISODE 2

Jah Wobble

The legendary musician leads a spell binding conversation through his time as Public Image Ltd bass player, visiting a psychiatrist with Sid Vicious to his thoughts on Buddhism. This episode covers too many topics to mention. Needless to say, every minute is as stimulating and captivating as the next. Image credit: Ali Catterall.

Season 1 EPISODE 1

Judy Murray

Icon in the tennis world Judy talks in detail about just how two boys from Dunblane amassed 10 grand slam titles between them. How does it feel to be in the glare of the public eye sat in the royal box at Wimbledon, and dealing with press attention which might not always be positive? There’s even some advice on how to use the backhand slice!