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The podcast that brings you compelling insights from inspirational people in the world of travel and far beyond.

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Discover stories of growth, resilience and curiosity as our guests chat to entrepreneur, author and Ventur’s board advisor Peter Wilcock about their lives, learnings and more. Plus, we’ll be taking on those hot topics we’re facing in today’s world.

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Our Host

Peter Wilcock, whose book Camel in the Tent delves into the challenges people face to achieve their dreams, is a fantastic character who is hugely curious about how the mind works to either power us or hinder us. In the past Peter has interviewed the likes of Jordan Belfort, Sharon Lechter, Brian Tracy and Les Brown. He is also a successful business leader and board adviser to Ventur.

Ventur Podcast

Season 2

Season 2 EPISODE 10

The Indian Monk part 2

In part two of this two-part episode, we finish our chat with The Indian Monk, as he shares the importance of giving yourself time to focus your mind. We delve into the effect wellness, positivity and music can have on your mindset. Plus, we cover the benefits of meditation and how once you can control your mind, you can do anything.

Season 2 EPISODE 9

The Indian Monk part 1

In part one of a two-part episode, we speak to The Indian Monk, as he shares his inspiring journey from corporate executive to joining a monastery, leaving the material world behind. Following on from some troubled times over the past few years, this is a refreshing conversation on how to find inner peace.

Season 2 EPISODE 8


How does blockchain work, and why should we care? We unravel the mystery with the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Diamante Blockchain, and be prepared to be surprised how your beloved diamond might not be all it seems…

Season 2 EPISODE 7


Those who’ve enjoyed a stay at the wonderful Dakota Hotels, marvel at the standards set by the team. But behind the scenes how does it all run so smoothly, and how does the right culture result in world class service? Andrew shares the secrets of their success and how it all started for him, his mentors and his philosophy which drives good to great.

Season 2 EPISODE 6


International best-selling author Dr. Fab Mancini joins us to provide a definite pick-me-up after the fear surrounding the recent pandemic. He chats to us about the importance of a wellness mindset, surrounding yourself with people who bring out the best in you and how his book 'The Power of Self-Healing' has inspired millions to prioritise their wellbeing.

Season 2 EPISODE 5


An insightful and inspiring conversation with the rugby league legend who has transcended the sport through his super-human charity raising feats. We delve into what made Kev one of the greatest players of all time, his ethos as a leader on the field, and what continues to drive him as he raises cash and awareness for MND.

Season 2 EPISODE 4


The internationally published author, global educator, and founder of the Demartini Method joins us for one of the most valuable conversations we will ever listen to. He shares life, business, financial, relationship and leadership empowerment strategies that have stood the test of time and when used properly, can unlock the secret to finding our true purpose. 

Season 2 EPISODE 3


Marie Barrué explains why life as a Laser Radial Sailor is anything but plain sailing, as she works towards achieving a gold medal at the 2022 Laser Radial World Championship. Listen as she shares her personal sporting journey, the role of resilience in the journey to success and why you should always push yourself to your limit.

Season 2 EPISODE 2


We’re back with the billion dollar man, Frederic Kerrest, to finish an incredible discussion on how he took a business from zero to a valuation of $40 billion. He reveals the principles of being a real entrepreneur, how to build a culture and the dos and don’ts of growing an enterprise.

Season 2 EPISODE 1


A fascinating conversation with Freddy Kerrest , the co- founder of Okta, as he shares the unique experience of taking a business from zero to a valuation of $40 billion. As with every story the difficult times are those we learn most from, and there were plenty for Freddy to cope with.